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Making Picture Book Art Projects

Fun and empowering, this creative project book shows children ages 5-10 how to draw and make art like their favorite picture book authors, from Mo Willems (Don’t Let the Pigeon series)and Herve Tullet (Mix It Up!). Included are 15 fun step-by-step art projects that can be completed in less than an hour with objects you already own, focusing on a different award-winning, contemporary illustrator. ...

Calligraphy, Second Revised Edition

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the techniques of hand lettering, Calligraphy gives practical advice and guidance on materials, tools, and methods. Containing four alphabets and 12 step-by-step projects, you’ll be able to create stunning cards, calendars, letterheads, and wall hangings.

Notebook Doodles Girl Power!

Notebook Doodles Girl Power! is an uplifting and confidence-boosting coloring book for ‘tweens that’s filled with 32 encouraging designs and sentiments from talented artist Jess Volinski. With empowering art activities for young girls, Jess also includes instructions on basic coloring techniques, fully colored examples, and motivational quotes to go with every design.

Super Simple Hand Lettering Projects

You love to letter and you have a favorite alphabet. Now, let your skills shine! Discover ways to hand letter on a variety of different surfaces and materials in order to create amazing works of art, whether you want to gift, sell, or decorate your home. From lettering on fabric and chalkboards to digitizing your calligraphy, this is the ultimate source of inspiration for passionate hand ...

Hidden Language of Flowers

Color in a way you never have before! This amazing yet secretive coloring experience will reveal the hidden meaning of dozens of beautiful flowers. Travel back to the Victorian era when flowers were carefully selected and sent as messages and learn what each one truly represents. With full-spread coloring challenges, as well as drawing pages, reflectional prompts, and interactive activities ...

Keepsake Kitties Coloring Book

These cute cats aren’t just adorable—they’re unforgettable! Each of the purr-fect felines in this new coloring book is filled with ingenious and delicate detail.

Watercolor Success in Four Steps

No experience needed! With Watercolor Success in Four Steps, you’ll learn to paint 150 objects, from fruits and flowers to animals, household items, and more! Understand the basics of watercolor with tried-and-true techniques and create beautiful watercolor paintings in just four simple steps!

Country Garden Coloring Book

Tranquil and peaceful, Country Garden Coloring Book is filled with 30 stunning designs to color into life. You’ll even discover and reveal hidden objects and animals within each design. Capture the essence of calm country gardens and let your creativity flow as you relax and unwind!

Hello Angel Fun & Fantastic Animals Adult Coloring Collection

Let your imagination bloom as you color page after page of beautifully intricate designs! Coloring artist Angelea Van Dam gets you started with gorgeously colored examples and helpful hints on dazzling coloring techniques like layering, blending, and patterning. Guided Coloring Pages make coloring easy for beginners with ready-to-use color palettes.

Notebook Doodles Unicorns

Notebook Doodles Unicorns is a magical and fun coloring book for ‘tweens that’s filled with 32 whimsical designs of unicorns, Pegasus heads, rainbows, flowers, and more from talented artist Jess Volinski. With empowering art activities for young girls, Jess also includes instructions on basic coloring techniques, fully colored examples, and motivational quotes to go with every design.

Reflections: Birds and Animals Coloring Book

Walk through nature among beautiful birds and animals! Reflections: Birds and Animals Coloring Book is filled with 32 stunning designs to color into life. From dolphins and deer to butterflies and owls, capture the essence of each animal as you relax and let your creativity flow!

Hidden Picture Puzzles at the Zoo

Bust out your binoculars! Hidden Picture Puzzles at the Zoo is filled with 50 black and white hidden puzzle pictures, all from inside the zoo. With more than 400 secret items and animals for children to find within each illustration, from cute monkeys to tough lions, they’ll be on the prowl for hours! They’ll also learn while they play by reading the mini fun facts in the margins that are all ...

Live a Colorful Life Coloring Book

Express yourself through positive thinking and calm meditation with this must-have therapeutic coloring book by best-selling author, Thaneeya McArdle. Featuring all new art and uplifting sentiments, this book serves as the perfect reminder that it’s all good!

Creative Coloring Through the Seasons

Savor the passing of time with ready-to-color art activities inside this gorgeous coloring book for grownups. Start with spring planting and move on through the year, from summer fireflies to autumnal leaves and winter snowmen.

Zentangle Dingbatz

Dingbatz are a fun way to incorporate the fundamentals of Zentangle into a wide variety of creative projects and bring attention and mindfulness to the smallest corners of your life. This book will introduce you to how dingbatz are constructed, and how to build from that basic structure to create designs uniquely your own.