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Wood Mosaic Projects

Discover a fresh, new woodcraft! Cut and piece together wooden quilt blocks to make 5 elaborate yet accessible wall hangings inspired by traditional quilt designs made with wood. Covering all the basics beginners need to know, Wood Quilt Blocks is an exciting and inventive source of inspiration!

Get Started Die-Cut Crafting

Perfect for sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, and a variety of other arts and crafts, die-cutting machines are changing the way people enjoy their favorite hobbies – and this complete how-to manual is here to help! With overviews on the top three brands – Cricut, Silhouette, and Brother – step-by-step instructions for cutting different materials, troubleshooting, handy hacks, and more than 20 ...

Painting Classic Barn Quilts

Barn quilts carry the heartfelt tradition of paying homage to a lost loved one. Now, you can incorporate this charming lore inside your home, rather than outside of it. Painting Classic Barn Quilts is a complete guide to the entire process of making and painting both traditional and non-traditional barn quilts. With 12 step-by-step projects and easy-to-follow instructions on how to prep, design, ...

Chica and Jo Craft with Nail Polish

Crafting with nail polish is fast, easy, and perfect for everyone! Learn how to add marbling effects to coffee mugs and dishware, give splashes of color to sunglasses and phone cases, and embellish shoes, hair accessories, and so much more. Chica and Jo Craft with Nail Polish features 20 fun projects that can be accomplished in minutes with step-by-step instructions for painting techniques on a ...

Organza Hoop Art

Add a wow factor to your embroidery and discover fresh, eye-catching embroidery designs! Using sheer fabric and a few adjustments to basic embroidery techniques, author Sarah Godfrey’s approach is beginner-friendly so anyone can accomplish this exciting embroidery style. Featuring 12 botanical patterns, step-by-step instructions, and so much more, see your stitches in a whole new light! 

DIY Resin Crafting Projects

Whether it’s a four-leaf clover or beautiful blooms from a corsage or wedding bouquet, this complete guide to making resin crafts includes 10 fun projects that are perfect for anyone to make gorgeous keepsakes from memorable moments. From flower paperweights to wood coasters, learn everything you need to know to make epoxy resin art, how to preserve flowers, bugs, feathers, shells, and other ...

Creative Play with Crochet

Whether you want to learn how to crochet or you’re looking for new projects to try, Creative Play with Crochet is for you! Featuring 12 projects that start easy and introduce a new technique one design at a time, this exciting guide contains crochet patterns you won’t find anywhere else! Filled with personality and color, follow step-by-step instructions and skill-building tutorials to create a ...

Pyrography Special Edition

Filled with 25 step-by-step woodburning projects for artists of any skill level, Pyrography is sure to inspire! Also included are technique lessons, practice exercises for beginners, full-size pyrography patterns, astonishing artist profiles, product reviews, safety and cleaning tips, and so much more. From burning a dynamic steam engine train and personalized pet photos to making a dream ...

Pocket Guide to Sewing Notions

Learn everything you need to know about every kind of notion, how to use them properly, and how to care for and store them! From understanding the difference between permanent and wash-away adhesives, what size rotary cutter you need, the proper way to store scissors, and so much more, this guide is perfect for keeping with all of your craft supplies and taking with you to the store when ...

Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More

Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More features 14 easy and intentional sewing projects that are thoughtful, practical, and important. From face masks and scrub caps to arm slings, fidget blankets, and so much more, you’ll not only learn how to sew and practice basic sewing skills, but you’ll create items and accessories that are crucial for those who need them most.

Making Copper Wire Earrings

Transform simple copper wire into stunning works of wearable art! From best-selling author and popular artist Lora Irish, learn expert techniques to create over 150 stylish DIY earring designs. With step-by-step instructions, high-quality photography, and helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make dozens of beautiful copper wire earrings with unique formations and beaded details!

Thread Painting a Garden Quilt

From free motion quilting to adding borders to blocks, quilters will learn several techniques for thread painting use raw edge applique. Showing each step for building the quilt and how to thread paint with various embellishments, step-by-step instructions and coordinating photography will guide readers through to the completion of a beautiful thread painted quilt.

Sewing Scrap Blocks with Character

Create scrap blocks like you’ve never seen! This one-of-a-kind book features 60 fresh and modern patchwork character patterns organized by season, holiday, or specific category – including baby animals and even cat yoga poses. Including both machine and hand stitching, each scrap block pattern template is easy-to-use and includes helpful instructions and diagrams so you can make the most of your ...

Pocket Guide to Stabilizers

Whether you’re working with woven or sheer fabrics, correctly choose which stabilizer you need and learn how to best use it with this resourceful pocket-sized book, Pocket Guide to Stabilizers. Containing over 50 pages of helpful information on types of fabrics, stabilizers, how to properly hoop each fabric, and so much more, you won’t want to start another project without this guide. Take it ...

Whittling Flat-Plane Animals

The approachable method of flat-plane carving is perfect for beginners and experienced carvers alike! Featuring 15 step-by-step projects of wood animals – from hares and rams to bears and reindeer – learn classic, Scandinavian flat-plane techniques, further your skills, and discover a new favorite carving method!