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Outdoor Paint Techniques and Faux Finishes, Revised Edition

This practical guide to exterior decorating features 25 weatherproof paint effects, with options for five surfaces: plaster, cement, wood, metal, and stone. Step-by-step projects are provided for a wide variety of decorative finishes including stucco treatment, faux tiles, frescos, lime washing, verdigris, moss effects, and more.

Backyard Homesteading, Second Revised Edition

This award-winning book shows how to turn any backyard—no matter how small it may be—into a sustainable and self-sufficient “homestead” for raising livestock and providing homegrown food including fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs, milk, and meat.

Cabins & Cottages, Revised & Expanded Edition

If you've ever dreamed about building your own rustic cottage in the woods or the hunting cabin of your dreams, or even homesteading off-the-grid, this handy reference provides a logical, sensible, and easy-to-follow approach to building a permanent shelter in that perfect out-of-the-way place.

Chainsaw Manual for Homeowners

Written by a chainsaw pro, this guidebook teaches how to safely complete everyday yard work. Step-by-step instructions for performing the 12 most common chainsaw operations, including grooming hedges, trimming branches, felling trees, bucking trees, and cutting firewood.

Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs

A stunning flower garden that blooms throughout the seasons depends on the artful combination of annuals, perennials, and bulbs. This book shows how to grow plants from the “great garden triumvirate” and provides foolproof design techniques for any garden or landscape.

DIY Guide to Painting and Wallpapering

Packed with professional painting and wallpapering advice for the first time DIY-er, this book shows how to carry out even the most daunting projects with ease and confidence, without the need to hire a professional to finish the job.

Wood Pallet DIY Projects

Create useful products out of reclaimed wood from shipping pallets. 20 step-by-step projects include raised garden beds, bookshelves, benches, plant stands, tables, spice racks, and much more.

Bathrooms, Revised & Updated 2nd Edition

Learn to think like a design pro to get the bathroom you've always wanted. Completely updated with the latest trends, products, and innovative ideas, this new edition offers a smart approach to bathroom design.

Beginner's Garden

This fun and lighthearted beginner’s guide to gardening de-mystifies the gardening process with sound advice, hints and tips, delicious recipes, and fun weekend projects to help you make the most of your outdoor area, however small.

Home Gardener's Annuals

This guide to creating beautiful gardens with eye-catching annuals covers preparing soil, selecting plants, cultivation, fertilizing, and dealing with garden pests and diseases, illustrated with hundreds of step-by-step color photographs.

Home Gardener's Perennials & Bulbs

This guide to creating beautiful gardens with eye-catching perennials covers designing gardens, improving the soil, planting, fertilizing, and maintaining perennials and bulbs, illustrated with hundreds of step-by-step color photographs.

Complete Book of Outdoor DIY Projects

Build useful and attractive outdoor features to enhance your yard and garden, using stone, brick, wood, or water. 35 DIY projects feature step-by-step instructions and clear color photographs.

Ultimate Guide: Decks, 5th Edition

This is the ultimate guide to adding the perfect deck—whether doing it yourself or working with a contractor. Choose from 30 designs created by master deck builders, with complete plans, materials lists, and hundreds of step-by-step color photographs.

Brickwork Projects for Patio & Garden

Bricks are an ideal material for creating stunning, as well as functional garden features. From the decorative to the practical, Brickwork Projects for Patio & Garden offers a range of 16 easy-to-build projects for all levels of expertise.

Birdhouses, Boxes & Feeders for the Backyard Hobbyist

Making your own bird boxes and feeders is a rewarding and environmentally sound way to enhance any garden by attracting birds. This book offers informed advice on siting, nesting, and feeding, along with 17 practical step-by-step construction projects.