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Mother Nature's Raised Beds

Hügelkultur is a centuries-old gardening method that imitates nature’s processes and doesn’t require irrigation or fertilization. A low-maintenance method that produces rich, fertile soil, this book will help you further understand the practice of hügelkultur, its history, its countless benefits, and the basics of permaculture. With a step-by-step process for creating and maintaining mounds, ...

Upcycle with Country Design Style

Beautiful décor doesn’t need to be bought! Repurpose old items into updated works of art with Upcycle with Country Design Style. From transforming spindles into candleholders and books into tabletops, discover 30 projects to get creative using items that don’t need to be thrown away after all. With step-by-step instructions and photography, give everyday items new life and fill your home with ...

Building Your Tiny House Dream

Combining the “why” with the “how to,” Building Your Tiny House Dream will show you each step to constructing your own custom camper! Part one provides detailed guidance on essential information, from the skills needed and planning to tools, safety, and helpful resources. Start building your tiny home in part two that’s carefully laid out in order from start to finish, from laying the foundation ...

Garden Mosaics

Create a colorful garden with tiles galore! With 19 stunning mosaic garden projects that range from simple to elaborate, create one-of-a-kind pots, garden ornaments, wall panels, and more! Each design contains step-by-step instructions and coordinating photography, as well as pattern templates.

Propagation Techniques for Flowers, Vegetables, and Trees

Understand all the different ways to expand your gardens and propagate your plants the right way! From division and layering to grafting, budding, bulbs, and more, learn how to grow plants both from cuttings and seeds. Also included are tips for troubleshooting, an at-a-glance plant directory, helpful charts, diagrams, and more.

DIY for Renters Don't Call the Landlord

DIY for Renters Don’t Call the Landlord shows renters how to perform common repairs and install upgrades that are economical, safe, and don’t conflict with tenant/landlord agreements. With step-by-step instructions, photos, and illustrations, learn a variety of basic repair skills and how to inexpensively deal with all of the normal maintenance issues that every home encounters, from squeaky ...

Ultimate Guide to Basements, Attics & Garages, 3rd Revised Edition

Running out of space for your growing family? No need to move or invest in an expensive addition! Learn how to remodel unfinished areas in your home to maximize living space. With over 580 color photographs and illustrations and 50 detailed step-by-step sequences to guide you through DIY construction, redesign the areas you already have but aren’t utilizing to their fullest potential!

Ultimate Guide to Furniture Repair & Refinishing, 2nd Revised Edition

Whether you have beloved family heirloom that needs fixing up or want to renovate bargain furniture, this Ultimate Guide to Furniture Repair & Refinishing can help you get the job done! With more than 500 color step-by-step instructions, photographs, and detailed drawings, this authoritative DIY guide will show you everything you need to know, from simple repairs to full restorations! Learn what ...

Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cooking, Revised & Expanded Third Edition

Newly expanded with 20 more cast iron skillet and Dutch oven recipes, this is the ultimate guide to indoor and outdoor cooking! With over 125 campfire recipes, Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cooking serves up tasty dishes everyone will love, from breakfast and breads to dinner entrees and desserts. Also included are 25 camping hacks and tips, plus a basic packing list!

Organic Book of Compost, 2nd Revised Edition

Whether you have experience with compost or want to learn more, this book provides everything you need to know! From understanding what compost is and how to make it to using and storing it, this detailed guide explains this sustainable, low-cost way to produce rich soil in your backyard.

Yard and Garden Furniture, 2nd Edition

Complete 20 useful outdoor projects, from simple to sophisticated. With step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, supply lists, cutting plans, and assembly views, you’ll be equipped with inspiration and guidance to create a wide variety of yard and garden furniture pieces, from a basic garden bench to a more challenging porch rocker.

You Bet Your Garden Guide to Growing Great Tomatoes, Second Edition

Whether you have a backyard or only a terrace, you bet you can grow beautiful heirloom tomatoes! From the host of PBS’s You Bet Your Garden, Mike McGrath will teach you everything you need to know about choosing tomato varieties, germination, planting, maintenance, pest control, and so much more. Understand the benefits of growing your own tomatoes and learn expert tips and techniques to doing ...

1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization, New Edition

When you think of every single item a kitchen stores, the numbers easily climb to the hundreds. 1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization is a comprehensive resource to enjoy a beautiful and organized kitchen with maximum functionality, no matter the square footage. With over 1,000 gorgeous color photographs and illustrations, this guide provides professional advice and helpful tips to maintain access ...

Smart Approach to Home Decorating, Revised 4th Edition

An updated edition of the perennial favorite, Smart Approach to Home Decorating is an aspirational guide to interior design and everything a homeowner needs to know to decorate a house with professional results. Topics range from the basic principles of design, space planning, layout, and arrangement to choosing furniture, colors, patterns, and fabrics.

Cozy Cottage & Cabin Designs

Ever dreamed of having your own cozy cabin nestled in the woods? This book will help you find the perfect efficient small home! With over 200 functional floor plans for cabins, cottages, a-frames, vacation homes, and apartment garages, select and order these expertly prepared plans that also include construction blueprints and CAD packages!