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Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County

Lovers of Lancaster and maven map collectors will be delighted to own this beautiful atlas that offers a vivid and rare picture of life in historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Spanning over three centuries, this book contains hundreds of maps and archival photos from local historical societies and private collections to provide a glimpse into the people, homes, places of worship, amusements, ...

Canning Essentials

With mile-long supermarket aisles lined with cans, jars, and boxes, today's consumer has no need to can food to survive, and yet the popularity of home canning continues to rise. For those green-minded locavores seeking fresh foods from farmers' markets and people wanting greater control over what they are eating, Canning Essentials opens the lid to a whole new world of delicious, sustainable ...

Know Your Hobby Animals: A Breed Encyclopedia

Cows, sheep, and goats, oh my! Discover loads of interesting facts about 194 popular breeds of farm animals, including their unique characteristics, history, breeding, personality, and more. Fun and fascinating, this engaging, collective guide will turn both the young and old into farm animal enthusiasts!

Black Belt Judo

Physical as it is mental and moral, Judo is about respect, humility, and discipline. Written by master coach and 6th-degree black belt, Neil Ohlenkamp brings you Black Belt Judo to understand the art, form, practice, and grace of this timeless sport. With step-by-step instructions and hundreds of photos for a variety of grappling and self-defense techniques, as well as how to execute both basic ...

Extreme Outdoor Survival Manual

A must-have guide to educate outdoor enthusiasts on how to handle and survive a wide variety of extreme situations. From medical advice and map reading to river crossings and what to do in a shipwreck, arm yourself with essential knowledge so you’ll know what to do and how to survive when everything goes wrong. This updated edition includes new information on wildfires. Learn from Garth ...

3D Printers: A Beginner's Guide, 2nd Revised and Expanded Edition

This must-have book will guide you through your first steps in 3D printing at home! Get started with a solid overview of concepts and techniques, and learn the basics of 3D construction with essential information on data files, programs, and software, such as 3ds Max, Rhinoceros 5, ZBrushCore, SolidWorks, Sketchup Make, Blender, and more. This newly updated edition of 3D Printers: A Beginner’s ...

Grilling Essentials

Become a grill master! A complete guide to grilling tools and techniques, as well as 100 savory recipes for the grill – from spiced cranberry wings to smoked beef brisket – this is a must-have resource to learn how to grill like a pro! Also included are helpful meat temperature charts, grill safety tips, clear guidance on grilling, searing, smoking meat, and much more.

Paracord Projects For Camping and Outdoor Survival

A simple strand of paracord can save your life. Find out how in this book! Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply on a walk and find yourself in an emergency situation, cordage is one of the most useful and important items a person can have. From creating fire with paracord to its medical uses, author Bryan Lynch shares his expert knowledge on over 60 projects pertaining to paracord, as well ...

Organic Book of Compost, 2nd Revised Edition

Whether you have experience with compost or want to learn more, this book provides everything you need to know! From understanding what compost is and how to make it to using and storing it, this detailed guide explains this sustainable, low-cost way to produce rich soil in your backyard.

Preserving the Season

An inspiring collection of more than 90 recipes for jams, jellies, chutneys, curds, and so much more, Preserving the Season is an excellent resource for any gardener. Also included are easy-to-follow recipes that use your homemade preserves as ingredients! With charming, personal anecdotes from the author, helpful tips and variations, and historical fun facts interspersed throughout, this ...

How to Send Smoke Signals, Pluck a Chicken & Build an Igloo

Curious to know what to do if you get caught in an avalanche? Ever wondered how to stop a runaway horse? Want to impress people by predicting the weather or telling time without a clock (or an iPhone app)? How to Send Smoke Signals, Pluck a Chicken & Build an Igloo is filled with 75 wilderness skills, from practical to potentially useless. Told with a sense of humor and a lot of interesting ...

Tailgating Done Right Cookbook

Serve up savory crowd-pleasers with this perfect cookbook for sports fans. Containing 150 delicious tailgate-ready recipes that are easy to prep ahead of time for the big game, such as Double-Play Chicken Skewers, Show-Your-Colors Fruit Salad, Pit Crew Brownies, High Octane Chili, Bases Loaded Potato Salad, and so much more, you’ll take your tailgate to the next level!

BigFoot Goes on Vacation

Sharpen your search & find skills by locating BigFoot on vacation. Find the elusive creature and his legendary footprint in 10 immense visual puzzles, full of teeming activity and detail. Learn more about what you see with fun facts and pictures.

The Wall

It takes people with all kinds of talents to make a community flourish! In this moving story, a king gains a new appreciation for the people of his kingdom after realizing he’s made a mistake building a wall. With simple yet profound illustrations and pop-up and disappearing wall elements, children will learn how a community can be harmed when barriers are built and thrive when people come ...

London's Best Cocktail Bars

London's Best Cocktail Spots is the hippest, most up-to-date guide to London’s stylish cocktail scene. Descriptive reviews of 48 top venues across the city include contact and reservation details, nearby tube stops, whether food is served, opening hours and lavish color photos. Locations are pinpointed on easy-to-read maps.