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Making Your Own Bush Knife

From outdoor excursions to everyday use at home, bush knives are practical tools with many uses. Now, you can make your own! Great for beginning knifemakers, learn how to select the steel, forge it, quench it, and grind it into a usable knife. No need for all the expensive equipment and tons of space. With a small forge in your backyard and just a few tools and other pieces of equipment, forge ...

Making Metal Clockworks

Revised and newly updated, Making Metal Clockworks is an introduction to horology for the complete beginner. Explaining the terminology and general forms of clock construction, you’ll learn about the materials and methods and understand everything from and the layout of wheels and escapements to the making of wheels, pinions, pendulums, and so much more.

Blacksmith's Craft

The iconic, must-have guide for modern handcraft artisans, Blacksmith’s Craft has been teaching the fundamentals of blacksmithing since 1952 for good reason. The first in its series, this facsimile volume of the seminal British textbook includes 37 foundational lessons, crisp photography, descriptive captions, and all the timelessly essential knowledge a beginner needs to practice and become a ...

Decorative Ironwork

In succession with Blacksmith’s Craft and Wrought Ironwork, Decorative Ironwork is a facsimile edition of the original 1963 instruction manual for intermediate to advanced blacksmiths. Apply all previous techniques learned to forge and form the designs of 7 decorative iron grilles through detailed, step-by-step instruction and photography. Once completed and mastered, this book will arm you with ...

Wrought Ironwork

In succession with Blacksmith’s Craft and a facsimile edition of the original 1953 instruction manual, Wrought Ironwork is a practical and essential guide with a focus on technique for the modern smith. With 33 step-by-step lessons and coordinating photography for making a variety of scrolls – from ribbon-end scrolls to beveled scrolls – water leaves, and wavy bars, and eventually onto the ...

Gears and Gear Cutting for Home Machinists

This practical, hands-on guide will assist anyone who wants to cut gears inexpensively on a lathe or milling machine. It teaches the fundamentals needed to design gears and gear trains using simple, non-technical language.

Mini-Lathe Tools & Projects for Home Machinists

This book follows on from the author's introduction to the mini-lathe (Mini-Lathe for Home Machinists by David Fenner, also available from Fox Chapel Publishing) and presents a series of projects that will help to extend the versatility of small metal lathes.

Metalworker's Data Book for Home Machinists

This comprehensive data book offers 31 categories of reliable information, useful in both the metalworking workshop and by those designing engineered items, tools, and machines.

Tool & Cutter Sharpening for Home Machinists

Follow the instructions in this book and working with blunt tools will be a thing of the past! Instructions are provided for sharpening the majority of workshop tools, including drills, lathe tools, end mills, milling cutters, workshop tools, and woodworking tools.

Useful Machine Shop Tools to Make for Home Shop Machinists

Make 15 home machine shop tools for benchwork, the lathe, and milling operations. Each practical tool takes no more than 3-4 hours to make and requires no special materials.

Backyard Foundry for Home Machinists

The process of casting metal in a sand mold, a craft which has been practiced for centuries, is actually very simple. Most towns of any size once had a small foundry to perform small-scale casting jobs. Today’s home shop machinist must either adapt commercially available castings, or send away to a specialist foundry at considerable expense and delay. The alternative is to make your own custom ...

Basic Lathework for Home Machinists

Perfect for any home machinist with a new lathe, this comprehensive guide is designed to expand your enjoyment of this versatile machine and take full advantage of its extensive capabilities. Profusely illustrated with hundreds of clear photographs and concise diagrams, it provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of tooling and machining operations.

The Metalworker's Workshop for Home Machinists

This informative book covers all aspects of setting up a fully equipped metalworking workshop. It will benefit anyone who is building a workshop for the first time, or just wants to upgrade an existing operation. If you have had your lathe stuck in a corner of the garage for years, this is definitely the book for you. Even if you think your workshop is already complete, you'll discover ...

The Milling Machine for Home Machinists

This book provides the detailed knowledge you need to successfully choose, install, and operate a milling machine in your home workshop. Lavishly illustrated with color photographs and diagrams, it will help you to understand which accessories are essential, and which can be postponed until your activity demands it. The usage of each machine and accessory is explained in detail for the vast ...

Farm and Workshop Welding

A practical handbook for welding in the farm, home workshop, school workshop, blacksmith shop or auto shop.