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Eco Kids Self-Sufficiency Handbook

This exciting project book for children aged 7-14 combines creative play with eco-awareness, while supporting STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, art, math). Twenty-eight fun ideas range from building a wind turbine and a go-kart to creating light, growing vegetables, making green gifts, and more.

Birdhouses, Boxes & Feeders for the Backyard Hobbyist

Making your own bird boxes and feeders is a rewarding and environmentally sound way to enhance any garden by attracting birds. This book offers informed advice on siting, nesting, and feeding, along with 17 practical step-by-step construction projects.

Home Gardener's No-Dig Raised Bed Gardens

Home Gardener’s No-Dig Raised Bed Gardens is the essential guide to gardening successfully with the minimum amount of digging and weeding.  

Home Gardener's Water Gardens

Home Gardener’s Water Gardens is the essential guide to enhancing an outdoor space with bubbling, gurgling, flowing water.


Patios is the essential guide to enhancing outdoor spaces with attractive patios, divisions, levels, seating areas, walkways, and more.

Home Gardener's Garden Design & Planning

Practical advice, proven techniques, and more than 300 color photographs, illustrations and diagrams ensure that anyone can create a glorious garden.