Slingshots & Key Hooks

15 Everyday Objects Made from Foraged and Gathered Wood

Slingshots & Key Hooks

By:  Fisher, Geoffrey

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Transform found wood into artfully designed crafts such as a slingshot, whistle, jump rope, cup and ball game, key hook, table brush, and more. This beautifully illustrated book includes 15 step-by-step projects and advice on how to responsibly forage for wood.


With information on how to forage responsibly and suggestions on sources for the best wood to use, Geoffrey Fisher shows how the natural bounty of woodland can be used to stunning effect in the creation of fifteen everyday objects made from foraged and gathered wood.Midwest Book Review - Midwest Book Review

For all the creative doers and the perpetual tinkerer out there, Slingshots & Key Hooks is a joyful read that will inspire you to connect with nature and create something beautiful!Due South

Author Biography

Geoffrey Fisher studied fine art in the late seventies when his artistic interest rested between painting and sculpture. After graduating from art school he set up his own studio and a few years later moved abroad to broaden his life experience. Here his ideas developed into making everyday objects. His items first sold in a concept store on Brick Lane, and his range is now available throughout Europe and America.