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The Ultimate SPAM Cookbook

100+ Quick and Delicious Recipes from Traditional to Gourmet

The Ultimate SPAM Cookbook
The Hormel Kitchen By (author)
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8/18/2020 12:00:00 AM
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The Ultimate SPAM® Cookbook is here, featuring over 100 elevated recipes for breakfast, appetizers, main courses, and snacks, all starring this key ingredient. From gyros and Hawaiian pizza to BBQ sliders, enchilada breakfast casseroles, pho, and so much more, each recipe is easy, quick, and delicious. Including official Hormel recipes and those contributed by Chopped champion Georgeann Leaming, Food Network guests Beth Esposito and Christian Gill, award-winning TV show host Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook, head chefs, restaurant owners, and other renowned industry leaders, this cookbook presents the little blue can in a whole new light!


"...a reflection of the international attention and momentum that the product has gained."Milwaukee Sentinel Journal

Whet your appetite with some fun facts: It's been around since 1937; it's sold in 44 countries; it's mostly pork, salt, and potato starch. Then get to the meat of the matter—the 100-plus recipes. It's a natural with eggs, including the Spam Benedict, in which seared slices stand in for Canadian bacon. For a fun party good, try the Spam Corn Dogs, sticks of Spam coated in a cornmeal batter. Or become an expert in Spam Musubu, a Hawaiin specialty made of a block of rice, a slice of Spam, and some nori. There are 11 different versions in the book, including one that's breaded in panko and fried, katsu-style. Before you get cooking, check out the book's foreword, written by our own executive managing editor, Tara Cov, who's a mid-century food maven and Spam superfan.Rachael Ray in Season Magazine

The 100-plus recipes (created by the Hormel test kitchens and passionate celebrity chefs) in The Ultimate Spam Cookbook range from kitschy to global traditions and twists on both classics and trends.Rachael Ray In Season

As a kid growing up in a Filipino family, the SPAM® Brand was a staple of our kitchen, and I’ve spent my life raving about its charms to the uninitiated — those unfortunate souls. All-American as it may be, the SPAM® Brand is an international phenomenon, and The Ultimate SPAM Cookbook does a phenomenal job capturing its remarkable global popularity. 

Drew Lazor, Philadelphia Daily News, Food/Drink Columnist

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Hormel Foods ia a Fortune 500 company with 49 food brands, including Spam.