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Great Book of Spoon Carving Patterns

Detailed Patterns & Photos for Decorative Spoons

Great Book of Spoon Carving Patterns
David Western By (author)
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4/13/2021 12:00:00 AM
Fox Chapel Publishing

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144 pg



Great Book of Spoon Carving Patterns is perfect for carvers of any skill level to learn the traditional art form of carving lovespoons to express their romantic emotions! Featuring 5 bowl patterns and 75 original handle patterns to mix and match for hundreds of customizable carving designs, this book details the origins of each romantic wooden spoon and what they symbolize, from first date and courting spoons to wedding spoons.

Author Bio

David Western constantly endeavors to expand the artistic boundaries of lovespoon carving. David was born in Cardiff, Wales, and now resides in Victoria, B.C., Canada. A self-taught carver, David graduated from the London College of Furniture with certification in cabinetmaking and advanced furniture design. He also holds a degree in education from the University of British Columbia. While running a cabinetmaking shop in Victoria, David's casual interest in Welsh lovespoons grew into an overwhelming passion. Carving lovespoons to order is now his livelihood. David also teaches lovespoon carving at Camosun College in Victoria. David specializes in complicated and delicate Celtic knotwork. He also draws ideas from Art Deco, Northwest Coast First Nations, and Islamic art forms when creating his unique designs. He keeps a foot firmly in tradition though: each of his spoons is handcarved from a single piece of wood. All of David's spoons also demonstrate the deep passion and commitment that separate genuine lovespoons from mere souvenirs.