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Screwcutting in the Lathe for Home Machinists

Reference Handbook for Both Imperial and Metric Projects

Screwcutting in the Lathe for Home Machinists
Martin Cleeve By (author)
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7/27/2021 12:00:00 AM
Fox Chapel Publishing

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Screwcutting in the Lathe for Home Machinists is a complete guide detailing the uses of a lathe for all forms of screwcutting in all thread forms, pitches, and diameters. Working in both imperial and metric standards, this comprehensive and invaluable resource will inform you on everything you need to know about lathe screwcutting. Also included are calculations, gear trains, conversions, and other helpful reference tables.


Tubal Cain's teaching style is that of an old master passing down his knowledge to you — the young apprentice.Daniel McGuinn, Real Tool Reviews

There is a wealth of insightful and easy-to-comprehend information for metalworkers in the five books in the Home Machinist Series from Fox Chapel Publishing. The books are extensively illustrated with photos and illustrations to help readers better understand the content, which is well-organized to serve as handy, long-term machining references.Alan Richter, Editor at Large, Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

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Author Bio

Author Martin Cleeve (Kenneth C. Hart) was a well-respected contributor to Model Engineer magazine for more than 30 years. A known perfectionist to high-quality and accurate work, he designed and described many original lathe accessories, which have been made and regularly used in hundreds of amateur and professional workshops.