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Soldering and Brazing Handbook for Home Machinists

Practical Information and Useful Exercises for the Small Shop

Soldering and Brazing Handbook for Home Machinists
Tubal Cain By (author)
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3/1/2022 12:00:00 AM
Fox Chapel Publishing

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Joining metal by soft or hard soldering, or brazing with alloys, is a common practice in welding and engineering workshops. But have you ever given thought to whether there could be quicker, more efficient, and less expensive methods? An extremely comprehensive book, Soldering and Brazing Handbook for Home Machinists thoroughly explains the processes, equipment, and materials, as well as what happens in the joints as they’re being made for an even deeper understanding. Featuring detailed sections on the characteristics of filler metals, brazing techniques, soft soldering techniques, capillary joint design, safety, and more, this must-have resource is extremely useful for anyone in the metalworking industry. 

Author Bio

Author Tubal Cain (Tom Walshaw) was an expert engineer and craftsman who had over 60 years of experience in designing and building engines and machines, a number of which were published in industry-leading magazines for decades. The author of several best-selling home workshop and model engineering guides, he also won many model engineering exhibition awards throughout his impressive career.