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Cats & Kittens Coloring Book

Color and Learn about Tabbies, Persians, Siamese and many more Super Cute Felines!

Cats & Kittens Coloring Book
Veronica Hue By (author)
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3/1/2022 12:00:00 AM
Fox Chapel Publishing

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8.5 X 10.9 in
80 pg

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Featuring 40 line art designs of super cute and cuddly kittens and cats galore, this adorable coloring book for kids is the perfect outlet to express their creativity with their favorite animal! Plus, fun facts and captions complement each illustration for an added element of delight. Designs are printed on a single side of high-quality paper with perforated edges for easy removal and display of completed designs.


Packed with wonderful illustrations capturing the playfulness of kittens, Cats and Kittens Coloring Book will surely find a special place in your heart!Kayomi Harai, Award-Winning Artist and Creator of the Ninja Kitties

Author Bio

Veronica Hue has a passion for encouraging and inspiring others to discover their unique creative style through the accessible artform of coloring. With the belief that anyone can express themselves through art, she has illustrated several coloring books with Fox Chapel Publishing, including ‘Tis the Season Coloring Book, Hidden Animals Coloring Book, and Joys of Nature Coloring Book.