Backyard Foundry for Home Machinists

Backyard Foundry for Home Machinists

By:  Aspin, B. Terry

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The process of casting metal in a sand mold, a craft which has been practiced for centuries, is actually very simple. Most towns of any size once had a small foundry to perform small-scale casting jobs. Today’s home shop machinist must either adapt commercially available castings, or send away to a specialist foundry at considerable expense and delay. The alternative is to make your own custom patterns and castings, which is much easier and rewarding than you may think. This handy book will show you how.

Backyard Foundry for Home Machinists is essential reading for anyone interested in getting started in foundry or casting work. It provides a wealth of useful information on materials and techniques, pattern-making, molding boxes, cores and core-boxes, and melting metals. Locomotive cylinders and wheels are covered in depth for model engineers. The book also offers a design for building an outdoor solid-fuel furnace, suitable for small-scale commercial work. Each stage and subject is covered in detail so that even beginners can undertake casting with confidence.


Author Biography

B. Terry Aspin was the author of three books about foundry work and home shop machining: The Backyard Foundry, Foundrywork for the Amateur, and The Model Locomotive from Scratch. He built his own scale steam locomotives and was known for his dedication to making every bit of his models from scratch. A talented and prolific commercial artist, Terry illustrated his own books, and provided artwork for many years to Model Railway magazine.