Complete Guide to Soap Carving

Tools, Techniques, and Tips

Complete Guide to Soap Carving

By:  Bolyard, Janet

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Fun and easy to learn, soap carving is an enjoyable craft for both adults and kids. This comprehensive guide teaches everything from basic carving methods to sophisticated techniques for accomplished artists. Twenty-six projects include simple carvings for beginners as well as complex soap sculptures.


Janet Bolyard’s mission is to inspire you to be creative, have fun, and to keep the art of soap carving alive. Leading Creative Pathways - Carol Heppner

If you are looking for some good, clean fun, soap carving may become your next obsession. Carving instructor and author Janet Bolyard uses inexpensive soap and some handmade tools to teach basic carving skills in a less intimidating way than traditional methods. With a new book out in September – “Complete Guide to Soap Carving” – Janet has made it her mission to encourage soap carving and inspire creativity in young and old alike.Woodcraft

Author Biography

Janet Bolyard is a full time wood carver/sculptor. She owns and operates Janet Lee Carvings, LLC, and is a sales/instructor at WoodCraft in Chandler, Arizona.