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MidWest Home Landscaping including South-Central Canada 4th Edition

46 Landscape Designs with 200+ Plants & Flowers for Your Region

MidWest Home Landscaping including South-Central Canada 4th Edition
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8/15/2023 12:00:00 AM
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Midwest Home Landscaping, Including South-Central Canada, 4th Edition will show you how to beautifully enhance 23 common landscaping situations specifically for the Midwest region. From front and back entries to walkways, borders, slopes, and patios, each situation is presented with a variation for a total of 46 inspiring landscape designs. In addition, detailed descriptions of more than 200 native plants are provided, as well as explanations how to install and care for the plants, ponds, walls, and fences involved in the landscape designs. Drought-resistant plantsthat are proven performers in the Midwest region are used in the designs and described in full detail, and step-by-step instructions provide the essential knowledge to tackle each project. New to this edition is a new section on the importance of native plants, updated information on permaculture, the impact of climate change on the Midwest region, a new section on integrated plant management, and more!


Your yard is a blank canvas just waiting for inventive design and plantings. Enter Holmes (founding editor,Fine Gardening magazine), horticultural consultant and photographer Buchanan (A Weaver's Garden ), and Walheim (Citrus ), who offer a succession of possible landscaping designs in this neat and polished series. Simple projects such as fencing, arbors, and pathways are logically and clearly illustrated. Each volume is broken down into three parts-"Design Portfolio," "Guide to Installations," and "Plant Portraits"-and each features approximately 50 designs, 200 plants, and 430 photos and paintings. Selection and seasonal care are individualized for the region.

Author Bio

Roger Holmes (Author)
Co-author Roger Holmes is the founding editor of Fine Gardening magazine. He co-edited the monumental Taylor's Master Guide to Gardening and other highly regarded gardening books, and produced the landscaping series of which this book is part. He also co-wrote Creative Homeowner's Creating Good Gardens.

Rita Buchanan (Author)
Rita Buchanan is the coeditor and co-author of TAYLOR'S MASTER GUIDE TO GARDENING as well as many other books. A botanist, horticulturist, and passionate gardener and designer, she turned a featureless cow pasture into a glorious garden landscape surrounding her home. She resides in Connecticut.