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Building Your Tiny House Dream

Design and Build a Camper-Style Tiny House with Your Own Hands

Building Your Tiny House Dream
Chris Schapdick By (author)
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8/11/2020 12:00:00 AM
Fox Chapel Publishing

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Combining the “why” with the “how to,” Building Your Tiny House Dream will show you each step to constructing your own custom camper! Part one provides detailed guidance on essential information, from the skills needed and planning to tools, safety, and helpful resources. Start building your tiny home in part two that’s carefully laid out in order from start to finish, from laying the foundation and framing to plumbing, adding personality, and towing so you can take your tiny home on wheels on the road! Also included is access to an online how-to video series of the author building the featured tiny home project from beginning to end.


Get ready to have a tiny house that Chris will help you build with creative touches that you didn’t think would be possible.Alex Eaves - Film Director of REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle the Planet

Suitable for all skill levels though aimed at beginners, Building Your Tiny House Dream is a comprehensive guide, complete with an extensive resource list, that’s guaranteed to turn a daunting project into an achievable dream.Foreword Reviews

This appealing guide from tiny house builder Schapdick (The Joy of Tiny House Living) is for those who have already decided to construct their own small living space and are ready to start building.Publishers Weekly

Author Bio

Chris Schapdick is the founder of Tiny Industrial, a tiny house building company. In 2016 Chris bid his corporate career farewell and decided to strike out on his own, launching several businesses designed around building tiny houses and coaching others to follow their dreams of a simpler lifestyle. Chris is now a sought after blogger and speaker on the tiny house circuit, and was awarded the “Best Tiny House Award” by the New Jersey Tiny House Festival in 2017.