Vacation Crafting

150+ Summer Camp Projects for Boys & Girls to Make

Vacation Crafting

By:  McNeill, Suzanne
Knight, Choly
Kominz, David
Hall, David
Damon, Phyllis
Riley, Margaret
Dorsey, Colleen
Gibson, Andrea
Ray, Janie

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7.0 X 9.0 in
160 pg



Inspired by the classic crafts that you made in summer camp, this big book provides more than 150 child-friendly craft ideas for both girls and boys. Kids will learn to make friendship bracelets, woven potholders, pony bead animals, plastic lanyards, and much more. Using inexpensive, readily available craft supplies and simple enough to take along to the mountains or beach, it’s the perfect solution for any family vacation.


Author Biography

Suzanne McNeill is the author of more than 200 craft & hobby books, including Joy of Zentangle, The Beauty of Zentangle, the 11-volume Zentangle series, and Zen Mandalas. Suzanne founded the leading publisher of Zentangle books, Design Originals (an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing). She was voted “Designer of the Year” and received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Craft & Hobby Association. Suzanne has been called "the trendsetter" of the arts and crafts industry.



Choly Knight has her finger on the pulse of what today's young crafters really want. Choly has been crafting for as long as she can remember, and has drawn, painted, sculpted, and taped everything in sight. A power-seller on, she is the author of six terrific craft books from Fox Chapel Publishing. Choly enjoys combining all her passions of writing, fine art, craft art, and design, as she provides techniques, tutorials, and excitement for her many readers and fans.

- - -

Phyllis Damon began her career teaching weaving and supplying craft materials in educational settings. David Kominz, a retired NIH medical researcher, joined forces with Phyllis in the creation and publication of craft books. Together with master designer of plastic lacing, David Hall, they turned out three plastic lacing books. Their goal has been to help kids have fun and develop creativity through basic craft skills.

- A veteran of the craft industry, Margaret Riley has owned and operated two hobby and craft stores and created many craft projects in addition to serving as a designer, editor, manufacturer consultant, demonstrator, and teacher. Her favorite fields include oil painting, acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, calligraphy, decorative painting, landscapes, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, paper creations, clay, general crafts, sewing, quilting, jewelry, knitting, crocheting, crewel, cross stitching, and embroidery. -

Colleen Dorsey is a writer specializing in the craft and hobby industry, and an editor at Design Originals and Fox Chapel Publishing. Colleen has edited books on many topics, including foam and paper crafts, jewelry making, and children's crafts. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in creative writing, and in her spare time she enjoys writing fiction, making jewelry, and upcycling findings into crafty new items.

- Andrea Gibson designs jewelry, layouts, and cards and teaches at shops, workshops, and Scrapbook shows. - Janie Ray is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and enjoys patchwork, beading, gardening and knotting hemp.