Doodle, Draw, Sketch & Letter

Fun Ways to Express Yourself with Pen and Paper

Doodle, Draw, Sketch & Letter

By:  McNeill, Suzanne
Younger, Melissa

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8.0 X 10.0 in
128 pg



This imaginative and instructive art activity book for kids aged 6-12 is packed with enough drawing, doodling, lettering, and Zentangle activities to keep budding artists occupied for days. It offers step-by-step instructions for drawing fun symbols, shapes, animals, alphabets and more, with plenty of room to practice.


Author Biography

Suzanne McNeill is the author of more than 200 craft & hobby books, including Joy of Zentangle, The Beauty of Zentangle, the 11-volume Zentangle series, and Zen Mandalas. Suzanne founded the leading publisher of Zentangle books, Design Originals (an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing). She was voted “Designer of the Year” and received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Craft & Hobby Association. Suzanne has been called "the trendsetter" of the arts and crafts industry.


Melissa Younger is an artist, writer, and crafting enthusiast. She is the Managing Editor at Fox Chapel Publishing, and of DO Magazine, where she brings her creativity to publications on many topics, including Zentangle(R), coloring, jewelry making, and children's crafts. In her spare time she enjoys designing her own fabrics, sewing, drawing, making jewelry, and trying any craft at least once.