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1001 Fun Things to Count

The Ultimate Seek-and-Find Activity Book

1001 Fun Things to Count
Angels Navarro By (author)
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4/12/2022 12:00:00 AM
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8.0 X 10.5 in
64 pg

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Activity Books / General
JUVENILE NONFICTION / Concepts / Counting & Numbers


From sea to space, keep tally as you count over 1,000 hidden objects! An exciting seek-and-find activity book for kids, 1,001 Things to Count will not only engage and entertain; it also adds an extra element of fun with an optional 1-minute time challenge to race against the clock. Featuring 25 brain-stimulating visual puzzles with dozens of items to find in each, every cartoon art-inspired puzzle page promotes problem-solving skills and mental agility!

Author Bio

Àngels Navarro is a Catalan play therapist and psychomotor education specialist. Known as one of the most comprehensive specialists in games of wit and mind training, she is a regular contributor of El Periódico de Catalunya, Barcelona’s daily newspaper, as well as Escuela and Cavall Fort children’s magazines. Àngels is also the author of over 100 books that have been translated and sold in 26 countries worldwide, including The 10 Best Games of All Time, My First Letters, I See All, and several more. The creator of game kits for children, including Build Puppets at the Theatre, Animal Balloons for Parties, Dressing Dolls with Magnetic Clothing, and Make Your Own Bag, Àngels has also produced TV programs and online games for children. To learn more about Àngels and her work, visit www.EnginyFactory.com.