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Ninja Kitties Tea Party Troubles

Hana Learns to Express Her Feelings

Ninja Kitties Tea Party Troubles
Kayomi Harai Created by
Rob Hudnut By (author)
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6/18/2024 12:00:00 AM
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48 pg



One day in Kitlandia Castle, Ninja Kitty, Hana, overhears Sora, Bee-Bee, and Drago say some not-so-nice things about her. Sad and hurt, Hana runs away to the forest to be alone. Wise Grandma Tabby witnessed everything and tells Sora, Bee-Bee, and Drago they need to find Hana and apologize. They rush to find Hana and right their wrong, but they can’t find her! While looking, Sora, Bee-Bee and Drago are captured by the Fang Gang. Grandma Tabby finally finds Hana and tells her that her brothers and sisters are in trouble and being held by the Fang Gang. She tells Hana that she needs to help save them and tell them that they hurt her feelings. Hana uses her plant power to create vines to save her siblings. After saving them, they all apologize, and Hana forgives them. In Ninja Kitties: Tea Party Trouble, the royal kitties learn how to handle problems the right way, and the power of apologizing and forgiveness in this heartwarming Ninja Kitties graphic novel for kids!

Author Bio

Award-winning professional artist Kayomi Harai worked as a commercial art illustrator and animal portrait artist in her native Japan before moving to California. Known for her watercolor paintings of bright-eyed cats in precarious situations, her lifelike artistry has captivated collectors for years. Her works have been exhibited around the world, and are licensed in collectible plates, figurines, puzzles, t-shirts, prints, posters, and greeting cards.

Rob Hudnut is an award-winning writer and storyteller in children’s entertainment, and the owner and founder of Rod Hudnut Productions where he specializes in creating play- and faith-based franchises for kids. Some of their global clients include NBCUniversal, Alpha Toys, ICON Creative Studio, Kavaleer Productions, and more. Prior to starting his own production company, Rob was the Executive Producer and Vice President of Mattel’s entertainment division for 19 years, where his work included award-winning entertainment for Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price Little People, Rescue Heroes, DC Superhero Girls, Masters of the Universe, and other Mattel brands. An Emmy-nominated songwriter, Rob also co-wrote the first-ever Barbie movie, “Barbie in The Nutcracker,” and more than 50 songs for the Barbie movies, as well as songs for Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price.