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Awesome Bird Puzzles for Kids

Secret Codes, Mazes, Fabulous Facts, and More!

Awesome Bird Puzzles for Kids
Vicki Whiting By (author)
Jeff Schinkel Illustrated by
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7/5/2022 12:00:00 AM
Fox Chapel Publishing

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5.3 X 8.3 in
80 pg



A fun and educational exploration of nature through play! This on-the-go activity book teaches kids all about beautiful birds, from hummingbirds and owls to robins, blue jays, and so many more, all while having loads of fun! With hundreds of crazy cool secret codes, puzzles, word searches, fun facts, and so much more, these entertaining bird activities will keep kids engaged as they learn. 

Author Bio

Vicki Whiting, a former teacher, is founder and president of Kid Scoop, a weekly educational page aimed at children 5 to 10 years old. Syndicated in more than 250 newspapers from California to Bangkok, each Kid Scoop page provides information combined with colorful graphics and interactive games and puzzles. Kid Scoop News is a newspaper currently published in about 10 communities around the United States.

Jeff has loved to draw his whole life! As a kid, sometimes he was drawing when he should have been listening to the teacher in class. That’s when he knew he should go to art school, where he would want to hear everything the teachers had to say! Jeff attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and now he loves teaching kids how to draw!