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The Lizard Keeper's Handbook

The Lizard Keeper's Handbook
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11/6/2007 12:00:00 AM
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The Lizard Keeper’s Manual by Philippe de Vosjoli intends to provide real detailed information for all devoted lizard owners who wish to provide the very best of care for their pets. The author states in the foreword, “In terms of the herpetoculture of reptiles, the keeping of lizards is probably the most challenging.” He explains that “Lizards demonstrate a great diversity of adaptations and specializations,” and thus keepers need the very best advice and soundest information possible, which is what The Lizard Keeper’s Manual provides to its readers.

In over 200 pages, this colorful volume analyzes the needs of insect-eating lizards, of which there are literally thousands of species. Some lizards (the ones with generic housing and dietary requirements) are easy to maintain, though others have very specific needs (in terms of temperature, diet, humidity, etc.). As stated in the introduction, “The purpose of this book is to give herpetoculturists, both beginners and those more experienced, as well as pet industry personnel, a broad base of knowledge that will allow them to successfully keep a variety of insect-eating lizards.” Colorfully illustrated, The Lizard Keeper’s Manual provides chapter-length coverage on the following topics: selecting the right species of lizard, locating and purchasing a healthy lizard, quarantine and acclimation, types of vivaria, enclosures, vivarium design, heating, cooling/hibernation, lighting, humidity/ventilation, feeding/nutrition, handling, shipping/receiving, and diseases and disorders. The author recommends a number of excellent species for keepers, including geckos, chameleons, skinks, agamids, monitors, anoles, basilisks, as well as other large and miniature species. The chapter titled “Essential Concepts” is a crash course in herpetology, offering the reader an overview of the ontogeny (life stages), climatic and landscape factors, diet, water, and diseases of the lizard family. The chapter “General Guidelines for Popular Insect-Eating Lizards,” which covers over thirty different lizards in terms of their requirements and descriptions, is an outstanding resource for lizard keepers looking to expand the population of their vivaria. Appendices and index included.

Author Bio

Philippe de Vosjoli is the highly acclaimed author of the best-selling reptile care books, The Herpetocultural LibraryTM series. His work in the field of herpetoculture has been recognized nationally and internationally for establishing high standards for amphibian and reptile care. His books, articles, and other writings have been praised and recommended by numerous herpetological societies, veterinarians, and other experts in the field. Philippe de Vosjoli was also the cofounder and president of The American Federation of Herpetoculturists and was given the Josef Laszlo Memorial Award in 1995 for excellence in herpetoculture and his contribution to the advancement of the field.