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Detangling My Life

Draw your way to peace, calm, and mindfulness with this beautiful new Zentangler's journal! Attractively designed and made with archival-grade, acid-free, 200-year paper, it features plenty of room to tangle, with Tangle patterns and Zentangle-inspired art throughout the book to inspire your creativity.

Doodle, Draw, Sketch & Letter

This imaginative and instructive art activity book for kids aged 9-13 is packed with enough drawing, doodling, lettering, and Zentangle activities to keep budding artists occupied for days.

Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County

Lovers of Lancaster and maven map collectors will be delighted to own this beautiful atlas that offers a vivid and rare picture of life in historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Spanning over three centuries, this book contains hundreds of maps and archival photos from local historical societies and private collections to provide a glimpse into the people, homes, places of worship, amusements, ...

Know Your Battings

Choose appropriate batting, know how to use it correctly, and avoid common mistakes with this resourceful pocket-sized guide, Know Your Battings. Containing over 50 pages of terminology definitions and charts listing retailer batting names, finishes, roll widths, stitch spaces, recommended quilting comments, and so much more, you won’t want to start another project without this guide. Take it ...

Extreme Outdoor Survival Manual

This is a must-have guide to educate outdoor enthusiasts on how to handle and survive a wide variety of situations. From medical advice and map reading to river crossings and what to do in a shipwreck, arm yourself with essential knowledge so you’ll know what to do and how to survive when everything goes wrong. Learn from Garth Hattingh, a trained expert in outdoor survival and mountain rescue ...

3D Printers: A Beginner's Guide, 2nd Revised and Expanded Edition

This must-have book will guide you through your first steps in 3D printing at home! Get started with a solid overview of concepts and techniques, and learn the basics of 3D construction with essential information on data files, programs, and software, such as 3ds Max, Rhinoceros 5, ZBrushCore, SolidWorks, Sketchup Make, Blender, and more. This newly updated edition of 3D Printers: A Beginner’s ...

Fearless with Fabric Fresh Quilts from Traditional Blocks

Quilt outside of your comfort zone! This must-have project book is designed to build your confidence as a dedicated or intermediate quilter and will inspire you to transfer your traditional blocks to beautiful modern quilts. Including step-by-step projects that combine fabrics from different lines and genres with clear guidelines to encourage mixing and matching, you’ll no longer fear the play ...

Picture Book Art Projects

This book shows children aged 5-10 how to draw like their favorite picture book authors. Fifteen fun art projects each focus on a different award-winning, contemporary illustrator. Kids discover how the pros make their illustrations, and learn to apply those methods to their own characters, scenes, and stories.

Wow Jewelry

This book will teach you how to make DIY fashion jewelry with a unique look and individual style. Wow Jewelry is packed with pretty, attention-grabbing statement jewelry projects that you can make yourself in one sitting.

Ultimate Guide to Basements, Attics & Garages, 3rd Revised Edition

Running out of space for your growing family? No need to move or invest in an expensive addition! Learn how to remodel unfinished areas in your home to maximize living space. With over 580 color photographs and illustrations and 50 detailed step-by-step sequences to guide you through DIY construction, redesign the areas you already have but aren’t utilizing to their fullest potential!

DIY for Renters Don't Call the Landlord

DIY for Renters Don’t Call the Landlord shows how to perform common repairs and upgrades that are economical, safe, and don’t conflict with tenant/landlord agreements. With step-by-step instructions, photos, and illustrations, learn how to inexpensively deal with all of the normal maintenance issues that every home encounters, from squeaky doors and wet basements to plumbing, heating, and ...

My Quilting Journal

Keep track of your projects, your future projects, and your fabric stash. How much fabric did you use for that baby quilt you want to make again? What kind of batting did you use? Who was it for? Great for keeping track of all the details in one convenient place, making notes of what to do differently for next time, and planning out projects you intend to start, My Quilting Journal is a ...

Quilts from the Collection of the Henry Ford

Within this newly updated book, you’ll learn the history, stories, and artistry of original quilts that represent the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and innovation of American quiltmakers. The 24 selected projects feature red and white quilts, Susan McCord quilts, log cabin quilts, appliqué quilts, and patchwork quilts inspired by antique quilts from the archives of the historic Henry Ford Museum. ...

1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization, New Edition

When you think of every single item a kitchen stores, the numbers easily climb to the hundreds. 1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization is a comprehensive resource to enjoy a beautiful and organized kitchen with maximum functionality, no matter the square footage. With over 1,000 gorgeous color photographs and illustrations, this guide provides professional advice and helpful tips to maintain access ...

Basic Benchwork for Home Machinists

For amateur metalworkers, this book is a practical, hands-on guide to engineering benchwork that teaches all the valuable hand tool skills and procedures for files, punches, hand filers, and more. Well-illustrated with concise technical diagrams, tables, and black and white photos, you’ll learn all the tricks and gain a solid foundation in the basics of engineering benchwork.