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The Day I Met BigFoot

From D.L. Miller, your favorite mysterious creature is back in this sweet short story about friendship! Normally shy and reclusive, BigFoot meets a new human friend that encourages him to stop hiding and teaches him it’s okay to be different. With charming illustrations and a heartwarming lesson, you’ll get to see a side of BigFoot you’ve never seen before!

Write 365

A creative year-long challenge, Write 365 contains daily prompts to build writing skills, spark creativity, and self-reflect. With its compact, on-the-go size and space to write about the story of how your parents met, what gives you confidence, or what you’re thankful for from your childhood, this writing journal will inspire you each and every day for an entire year!

Writer's Field Journal

Inspired by scientific field journals, which are records of written and illustrated observations combined with reflections, Writer's Field Journal encourages you to expand your creative boundaries that will inspire you to deepen your writing. Whether you’re new to writing or more practiced, or even just a creative type, walk through the writing process with unique exercises and projects, ...