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Metal Jewelry Workshop

This beginner’s guide shows how to create exciting wearable art using just 12 simple, inexpensive hand tools—no jewelry torch required! Learn the basics of materials and techniques with 8 practice exercises and 12 beautiful step-by-step projects.

Holiday Cheer Coloring Book

These 40 cheerful holiday art activities are sure to put anyone in the mood for stress-free yuletide fun. Thaneeya McArdle’s jolly new Christmas coloring book for adults invites you to relax and play with festive doodles, shapes, and patterns.

Backyard Homesteading, Second Revised Edition

This award-winning book shows how to turn any backyard—no matter how small it may be—into a sustainable and self-sufficient “homestead” for raising livestock and providing homegrown food including fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs, milk, and meat.

Beautiful Beaded Jewelry for Beginners

Perfect for beginners, this contemporary collection of 25 designs shows just how easy it is to make stunning beaded jewelry with readily available beads and stones. Each project is shown in full step-by-step detail and beautifully modeled.

Carving the Head in the Classic European Tradition, Revised Edition

Learn to carve a classic European bust using the traditional and famous system of Tyrolean carvers. This book presents a complete woodsculpting course in proportion and design, prepared by instructors at the renowned Geisler-Moroder Austrian Woodcarving School.

Complete Guide to Soap Carving

Fun and easy to learn, soap carving is an enjoyable craft for both adults and kids. This comprehensive guide teaches everything from basic carving methods to sophisticated techniques for accomplished artists. Twenty-six projects include simple carvings for beginners as well as complex soap sculptures.

Lettering Workshop for Crafters

With 50 traceable alphabets, expert lettering tips, and interactive practice exercises, this big lettering workbook provides a valuable resource for anyone who wants to embellish crafts with beautiful letters and borders.

Life of the Party Papercrafting

Celebrate in style with this ready-to-use selection of party invitations, place cards, buffet tags, menus, napkin rings, coasters, wine charms, and more—all in one book! Life of the Party Papercrafting contains everything that party planners need to throw a successful bash.

Making Adorable Button-Jointed Stuffed Animals

This book shows how to make 20 adorable animal figures using felted wool from recycled sweaters. Each super-cute design features buttons at the joints so kids can move the limbs around! With detailed instructions, patterns, and step-by-step photos, crafters can complete any of these delightful projects in just a few hours.

Masters and Legends of Fantasy Art, 2nd Expanded Edition

Masters & Legends of Fantasy Art, 2nd edition is the ultimate guide to fantasy, sci-fi, and comic art techniques, advice, and theory. Packed with dozens of in-depth interviews and amazing workshops from the biggest names in the genre, readers will learn everything they need to know to paint like the fantasy art masters.

Think Happy! Coloring Book

Cheer up and color! With three times as many coloring pages as ordinary coloring books, this big coloring anthology offers 96 playful art activities that will unleash your inner artist.

Wire-Wrapped Jewelry Techniques

This comprehensive guide to wire-wrapped jewelry teaches 30 expert techniques for creating complex and fascinating focal designs. Includes 8 step-by-step projects for making stunning necklaces, pendants, brooches, hairpins and earrings.

BigFoot Goes Back in Time

Sharpen your search & find skills by locating BigFoot at memorable moments in world history. Find the elusive creature and his legendary footprint in 10 immense visual puzzles, full of teeming activity and detail. Learn more about what you see with fun facts and pictures.

BigFoot Spotted at World-Famous Landmarks

Sharpen your search and find skills by locating BigFoot at the world’s most famous landmarks. Find the elusive creature and his legendary footprint in 10 immense visual puzzles, full of teeming activity and detail. Learn more about what you see with fun facts and pictures.

Chainsaw Manual for Homeowners

Written by a chainsaw pro, this guidebook teaches how to safely complete everyday yard work. Step-by-step instructions for performing the 12 most common chainsaw operations, including grooming hedges, trimming branches, felling trees, bucking trees, and cutting firewood.