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My Quilting Journal

Keep track of your projects, your future projects, and your fabric stash. How much fabric did you use for that baby quilt you want to make again? What kind of batting did you use? Who was it for? Great for keeping track of all the details in one convenient place, making notes of what to do differently for next time, and planning out projects you intend to start, My Quilting Journal is a ...

Scroll Saw Baby Animals

From baby pandas and piglets to bear cubs and lion cubs, this book has over 50 scroll saw projects and patterns that focus on young animals found in the zoos, woods, jungles, and oceans of the world. Providing basic information on using a scroll saw to creating puzzle animals, there even a few simplified projects with pieces large enough that are safe for children to play with!

50 Simple Indoor Miniature Gardens

Containing 50 projects for creating and maintaining a wide variety of charming and low-maintenance mini indoor gardens, this book is the inspiration you need to make your small living space greener. Whether you prefer succulents, cacti, greenery, flowering plants, vegetables, or orchids, the chosen plants within these pages are all easy to find at your local garden centers. Transform unique ...


If you’ve ever wanted to learn the techniques of hand lettering, Calligraphy gives practical advice and guidance on materials, tools, and methods. Containing four alphabets and 12 step-by-step projects, you’ll be able to create stunning cards, calendars, letterheads, and wall hangings.

First-Time Quiltmaking, Second Revised & Expanded Edition

Learn how to quilt in six easy lessons with this superb illustrated guide to fabrics, tools and techniques. Four simple projects allow beginners to practice their newfound skills.

Guide to Interfacings

Whether you need an interfacing, fusible foam, or fusible web, correctly choose which one you need and learn how to best use it with this resourceful pocket-sized book, Guide to Interfacings. Containing over 50 pages of helpful information on types of fusible products, what to use them on, how they work, and so much more, you won’t want to start another project without this guide. Take it with ...

Know Your Battings

Choose appropriate batting, know how to use it correctly, and avoid common mistakes with this resourceful pocket-sized guide, Know Your Battings. Containing over 50 pages of terminology definitions and charts listing retailer batting names, finishes, roll widths, stitch spaces, recommended quilting comments, and so much more, you won’t want to start another project without this guide. Take it ...

Leather Pyrography

For absolute beginners or passionate wood burners that are curious to work on a new medium, this book by pyrography teacher Michele Y. Parsons is a helpful guide to using pyrography on leather. Containing four projects, step-by-step instructions, and detailed information on pyrography pens and how they interact with leather as opposed to wood, you’ll learn a completely new way to burn decorative ...

Origami + Papercrafting = Kirigami

Perfect for any crafter of any level, this book is an introduction to kirigami, a Japanese art that combines origami and papercutting. Work through the 24 intricate designs with step-by-step instructions for folding and cutting charming 3D kirigami pop-up cards, vases, boxes, lanterns, holiday decorations, and more!

Pocket Guide to Houseplants

Looking to make your home greener? The most comprehensive and complete guide to house plants you’ll ever need, take this conveniently compact guide with you the next time you feel inspired to bring new plants home to help you decide! With plant descriptions and complete growing and care information per page for 240 popular species, Pocket Guide to Houseplants will show you everything you need to ...

Quilting with Kids

Enjoy the satisfaction of making something together, from generation to generation. Complete 16 kid-friendly projects together as a family, from Christmas ornaments to full quilts! Quilting with Kids contains helpful guides that teaches children how to safely use their tools to stitch and quilt the basics. It even provides tips on how recreate their own artwork into embroidery projects!

Sketch 365

A creative year-long challenge, Sketch 365 contains daily prompts to build drawing skills, spark creativity, and self-reflect. With its compact, on-the-go size and space to draw an alien landscape, fill a page with your own wrapping paper pattern, or design a band T-shirt, this drawing journal will inspire you each and every day for an entire year!

Stunning Star Block Quilts

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, acquire new skills and create stunning star blocks! With 12 different star patterns using piecing and paper piecing techniques, you’ll learn how to form both traditional and modern stars with contemporary settings, like negative space. Enjoy learning a new, doable method and incorporating these new elements into your future quilt projects!

The Day I Met BigFoot

From D.L. Miller, your favorite mysterious creature is back in this sweet short story about friendship! Normally shy and reclusive, BigFoot meets a new human friend that encourages him to stop hiding and teaches him it’s okay to be different. With charming illustrations and a heartwarming lesson, you’ll get to see a side of BigFoot you’ve never seen before!

Write 365

A creative year-long challenge, Write 365 contains daily prompts to build writing skills, spark creativity, and self-reflect. With its compact, on-the-go size and space to write about the story of how your parents met, what gives you confidence, or what you’re thankful for from your childhood, this writing journal will inspire you each and every day for an entire year!