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The Other Tudors

This book brings together for the first time the 'other women' of King Henry VIII, and takes us deep into the web of secrets and deception at the Tudor Court.

Alan Dunn's Celebration Cakes

Make a celebration cake for every occasion with one of the 18 stunning creations in this ultimate guide to sugarcrafting. 

Groovy Owls Coloring Book

These adorable owls from bestselling artist Thaneeya McArdle will take you to a happy place of patterning, shading, and coloring. 

Hello Angel Jungle Safari Coloring Collection

Discover a relaxing refuge of rainforest diversity with the lush tropical flowers and shy exotic creatures in this wildly imaginative coloring book.  

Hello Angel Tropical Escape Coloring Collection

Take a vacation from stress with this lush tropical coloring book. Luxuriant orchids, friendly toucans, powerful jaguars, and shy spider monkeys are waiting to be filled with every color of the rainbow.

Hippie Animals Coloring Book

Make art not war with Hippie Animals, the grooviest coloring book yet from bestselling artist Thaneeya McArdle! These fabulous furry freaks are totally stoked on coloring.

More Good Vibes Coloring Book

This quirky coloring book from Thaneeya McArdle is sure to send good vibes your way. Her groovy visions are a great way to get happy and radiate positive energy.

Tingle Boots Coloring Book

If a new pair of boots makes your heart tingle and your spirit soar, don’t miss this wild and wacky coloring book with uplifting words and delightfully zany characters that encourage you to chase your dreams in the cutest pair of boots you own.

Blooming Animals (Filippo Cardu Coloring Collection)

This adult coloring book offers beautifully stylized illustrations of flower-adorned animals, embellished with exquisite patterns and striking line work.

Dive Atlas of the World

The Dive Atlas of the World offers an inspirational tour of top dive sites around the world, based on first-hand experience and photographed by experts.

KC Doodle Art Be Happy Coloring Book

Look on the bright side of life and start feeling good about yourself with this inspirational coloring book that combines encouraging words with beautiful flowers in a bouquet of optimistic messages.

KC Doodle Art Beautiful Dreamer Coloring Book

Beautiful dreams of love and creativity fill the night air in this soothing coloring book. These peaceful illustrations are sure to ease your tensions and guide you to a charmed sleep. 

KC Doodle Art Whimsical Animals Coloring Book

From butterflies and badgers to koala bears and kangaroos, discover a fanciful land of beautiful beasts in this imaginative coloring book for adults. 

KC Doodle Art Woodland Whispers Coloring Book

This relaxing coloring book for adults will take you inside a secret forest where you can feel the daily stress slip away.

Build Your Own Garage Manual

This essential DIY guide shows how to build the garage of your dreams by doing all or part of the work yourself. Choose from more than 175 construction plans, prepared by garage experts.