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Home Gardener's Garden Pests & Diseases

Home Gardener’s Garden Pests & Diseases is the essential guide to identifying, targeting, and banishing common pests and diseases from the garden.

Home Gardener's No-Dig Raised Bed Gardens

Home Gardener’s No-Dig Raised Bed Gardens is the essential guide to gardening successfully with the minimum amount of digging and weeding.  

Home Gardener's Orchids

Home Gardener’s Orchids is the essential guide to choosing and growing these exotic blooms successfully in any climate.  

Home Gardener's Small Gardens

Home Gardener’s Small Gardens is the essential guide to improving a small garden and turning the most modest-sized space into a stunning outdoor area.

Home Gardener's Water Gardens

Home Gardener’s Water Gardens is the essential guide to enhancing an outdoor space with bubbling, gurgling, flowing water.

London Cycling Guide, Updated Edition

The London Cycling Guide, Updated Edition is an essential guidebook for anyone wanting to explore the capital on two wheels.

London's Riverside Pubs, Updated Edition

Discover the 100 best pubs in London for a perfect afternoon by the river, with details on the character of each pub and beautiful photographs.

Marathons of the World, Updated Edition

Legendary marathoner Hugh Jones presents the ultimate guide to the world’s top 50 marathons, with expert analysis and stunning photography of each event. 


Patios is the essential guide to enhancing outdoor spaces with attractive patios, divisions, levels, seating areas, walkways, and more.

Self-Sufficiency: Spinning, Dyeing & Weaving

In this comprehensive book, an expert textile arts instructor reveals everything readers need to know to spin, dye, and weave their own fabrics.

String Quilt Style

Easy techniques and inspiring designs from strips, scraps and stash

Cooking for the Man Cave, Second Edition

Mothers cook with love. Men cook with attitude. This new edition offers even more Manly recipes for tailgaters, beer enthusiasts, sportsmen, hunters, and more.

Authentic Japanese Gardens

Discover how to recreate Japanese garden design and detail in either urban or country settings, with practical advice and stunning color photography.  

Essential Guide to the Steel Square

Unlock the helpful secrets of the steel square, a valuable, time-honored tool. With no batteries required, it can quickly solve many common construction problems.

Funky Cats Coloring Book

If you love cats and you love to color, get ready for hours of relaxing creativity. Talented artist Brenda Abdoyan presents 32 adorable felines for you to bring to life with beautiful colors.