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My Gardening Journal

This handy journal keeps track of everything a passionate gardener needs to know in one spot. Individual plant history pages allow you to keep a yearly log of how you’re doing with each crop. Set annual goals, keep a record of your work, track your performance, and note what you’ve learned over each season.

Natural Style

This earth-friendly guide to home décor shows how to use organic and eco-conscious materials for elegant yet sustainable decorating. With advice for every room in the house, Natural Style includes the latest information on organic fabrics, natural flooring materials, low VOC paints, energy-efficient lighting options, and more.

Professional Modeling

This insider’s guide to the world of professional modeling explains the different types of modelling and offers invaluable advice for anyone who wants to strut the catwalk. Written by two experts in the field, it explains how to break into this high-profile, high-paying world while avoiding the mistakes that so many newcomers make.

Scroll Saw Wooden Bowls, Revised & Expanded Edition

While wood bowls are commonly made on a lathe, this updated and expanded guided resource offers 28 projects for crafting beautiful bowls with the more accessible scroll saw. You will not believe these bowls were made without a lathe!

Building your own Dock

Build your own sound, functional dock that will overcome almost any waterfront challenge with this essential guide. In Building your own Dock you’ll find detailed plans, expert tips, advice on building methods, and insight on materials and specialty parts for all the most popular types of docks.

Classic to Contemporary String Quilts

From wall hangings to full-size bed quilts, these 14 fun stash-busting projects take string quilts in a new direction. Mary M. Hogan uses strips and scraps of fabric to reimagine traditional and beloved quilt blocks as string blocks.

Creative Terrariums

Creative Terrariums shows how to build and maintain unique mini-gardens full of lush, oxygen-boosting plants, with 31 cutting-edge, contemporary terrarium designs that will add a decorative organic presence to even the smallest room.


Discover what dinosaurs were REALLY like in this myth busting book! Find out how the real dinosaurs actually lived, looked and sounded in this fascinating book. While popular Hollywood movies have given us a simplistic view of these magnificent creatures, the latest scientific research is changing assumptions and providing a far different perspective.

Embroidered Lettering

This book shows how to use a traditional craft to add a very modern message to coasters, bags, patches, pillows, tea towels, eyeglass cases and more. Twenty-five fun embroidery lettering projects let you speak your mind in stitches. Bold, snarky, amusing, or clever—these needlework ideas are anything but old-fashioned samplers.

How You Began: A Pregnancy Journal

Divided into trimesters, this keepsake pregnancy companion offers weekly update pages, in-depth prompts to reflect on your coming parenthood, and space to paste in photos, ultrasound images, and notes from family members.

Living Your Tiny House Dream

In this indispensable manual for tiny house living, award-winning tiny home builder Chris Schapdick offers first-hand information to help tiny home aspirants realize their dream, with advice on design, construction, legalities of living in a tiny home, and how to deal with some of the inevitable challenges of living tiny.

My Knitting Journal

Keep track of your whole knitting life in one adorable book! My Knitting Journal helps you record information on completed projects, organize works-in-progress, and keep track of your yarn stash. With four pages for each new project—including a spot for a finished photo—it’s part info dump and part brag book.

Origami for Kids

This fun and creative origami kit for children aged 5-7 features 20 fascinating projects and 100 sheets of quality origami paper for hours of folding fun. Fold lines are printed right on the illustrations, and each activity includes a QR code link to a video tutorial.

Plant Combinations for an Abundant Garden

This concise, easy-to-use book shows how to create productive gardens by selecting the perfect plant combinations. A comprehensive plant directory provides handy information on summer-flowering annuals, herbaceous perennials, shrubs, small trees, climbers, water plants, bamboos, culinary herbs, fruits, vegetables and more.

Slingshots & Key Hooks

Transform found wood into artfully designed crafts such as a slingshot, whistle, jump rope, cup and ball game, key hook, table brush, and more. This beautifully illustrated book includes 15 step-by-step projects and advice on how to responsibly forage for wood.