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Garden Mosaics

Create a colorful garden with tiles galore! With 19 stunning mosaic garden projects that range from simple to elaborate, create one-of-a-kind pots, garden ornaments, wall panels, and more! Each design contains step-by-step instructions and coordinating photography, as well as pattern templates.

Grilling Essentials

Become a grill master! A complete guide to grilling tools and techniques, as well as 100 savory recipes for the grill – from spiced cranberry wings to smoked beef brisket – this is a must-have resource to learn how to grill like a pro! Also included are helpful meat temperature charts, grill safety tips, clear guidance on grilling, searing, smoking meat, and much more.

Paracord Projects For Camping and Outdoor Survival

A simple strand of paracord can save your life. Find out how in this book! Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply on a walk and find yourself in an emergency situation, cordage is one of the most useful and important items a person can have. From creating fire with paracord to its medical uses, author Bryan Lynch shares his expert knowledge on over 60 projects pertaining to paracord, as well ...

Propagation Techniques for Flowers, Vegetables, and Trees

Understand all the different ways to expand your gardens and propagate your plants the right way! From division and layering to grafting, budding, bulbs, and more, learn how to grow plants both from cuttings and seeds. Also included are tips for troubleshooting, an at-a-glance plant directory, helpful charts, diagrams, and more.

Basic Benchwork for Home Machinists

For amateur metalworkers, this book is a practical, hands-on guide to engineering benchwork that teaches all the valuable hand tool skills and procedures for files, punches, hand filers, and more. Well-illustrated with concise technical diagrams, tables, and black and white photos, you’ll learn all the tricks and gain a solid foundation in the basics of engineering benchwork.

Basket Essentials: Rib Basket Weaving

Go beyond just following the steps and learn the methods to traditional basket weaving. With 20 classic folk basket patterns and clear step-by-step instructions and photos, you’ll acquire all the proper techniques you need to become an accomplished basket-weaver, from measuring and adding spokes to learning various weaving patterns.

Beginner's Guide to Punch Needle Projects

With just a few affordable tools, materials, and Beginner’s Guide to Punch Needle Projects, anyone can learn and enjoy the art of punch needle. Featuring 25 step-by-step colorful and fun projects for unique home décor, pillows, gift tags, toys, and more, this book will show you all of the essential techniques as you create a collection of playful punch needle masterpieces!

DIY for Renters Don't Call the Landlord

DIY for Renters Don’t Call the Landlord shows renters how to perform common repairs and install upgrades that are economical, safe, and don’t conflict with tenant/landlord agreements. With step-by-step instructions, photos, and illustrations, learn a variety of basic repair skills and how to inexpensively deal with all of the normal maintenance issues that every home encounters, from squeaky ...

Making Metal Clockworks for Home Machinists

Revised and newly updated, Making Metal Clockworks is an introduction to horology for the complete beginner. Explaining the terminology and general forms of clock construction, you’ll learn about the materials and methods and understand everything from and the layout of wheels and escapements to the making of wheels, pinions, pendulums, and so much more.

Making Picture Book Art Projects

Fun and empowering, this creative project book shows children ages 5-10 how to draw and make art like their favorite picture book authors, from Mo Willems (Don’t Let the Pigeon series)and Herve Tullet (Mix It Up!). Included are 15 fun step-by-step art projects that can be completed in less than an hour with objects you already own, focusing on a different award-winning, contemporary illustrator. ...

Super Simple Woodworking and Furniture Making

A must-have guide for furniture building novices, learn an easy “glue, screw, cap” joinery method from professional female woodworker, Eugenie Giasson, to assemble beautifully simple furniture! Using commonly found wood and commonly owned tools – just a saw and a drill – follow easy instructions, cutting templates, and power carving directions for decorative features for 30 furniture projects, ...

Ultimate Guide to Basements, Attics & Garages, 3rd Revised Edition

Running out of space for your growing family? No need to move or invest in an expensive addition! Learn how to remodel unfinished areas in your home to maximize living space. With over 580 color photographs and illustrations and 50 detailed step-by-step sequences to guide you through DIY construction, redesign the areas you already have but aren’t utilizing to their fullest potential!

Ultimate Guide to Furniture Repair & Refinishing, 2nd Revised Edition

Whether you have beloved family heirloom that needs fixing up or want to renovate bargain furniture, this Ultimate Guide to Furniture Repair & Refinishing can help you get the job done! With more than 500 color step-by-step instructions, photographs, and detailed drawings, this authoritative DIY guide will show you everything you need to know, from simple repairs to full restorations! Learn what ...

Watercolor Success in Four Steps

No experience needed! With Watercolor Success in Four Steps, you’ll learn to paint 150 objects, from fruits and flowers to animals, household items, and more! Understand the basics of watercolor with tried-and-true techniques and create beautiful watercolor paintings in just four simple steps!

Calligraphy, Second Revised Edition

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the techniques of hand lettering, Calligraphy gives practical advice and guidance on materials, tools, and methods. Containing four alphabets and 12 step-by-step projects, you’ll be able to create stunning cards, calendars, letterheads, and wall hangings.