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Making Your Own Bush Knife

From outdoor excursions to everyday use at home, bush knives are practical tools with many uses. Now, you can make your own! Great for beginning knifemakers, learn how to select the steel, forge it, quench it, and grind it into a usable knife. Author, outdoorsman, blacksmith, and knifemaking instructor Bradley Richardson describes the techniques of both stock removal and forging, and how to ...

Gardening for Geeks

• A great resource for beginners to learn all the basics of gardening, even in urban areas. • Explains the science behind how plants work, how soil lives, and how bugs help. • Progresses into bigger concepts for a wide scope of gardening techniques and strategies. • Advice ranging from planning to pest control, including recommendations and step-by-step directions. • Founder of Gardenerd ...

Regrow Your Veggies

There’s no need to keep buying the same vegetables you eat all the time. This insightful guide will show you how to recycle and regrow more than 20 popular fresh vegetables right at home, from cabbage to coriander. Reduce waste, save money, and Regrow Your Veggies the right (and easy) way!

Lettering for Absolute Beginners Workbook

An absolute must-have guide for beginners, this is an interactive workbook designed to teach you how to create gorgeous lettering with any pen on any surface, no brush pen or calligraphy nib necessary! You’ll learn how to draw letters, words, inspirational phrases, and bible verses in multiple alphabet styles by practicing outlining letters and thickening downstrokes. Perforated traceable ...

My Spiritual Journey

Encouraging self-discovery, reflective writing, and spiritual insight, My Spiritual Journeyis a beautiful guided journal that asks the hard questions to help you ground yourself in gratitude, find connections, and know your soul. With author and artist Joanne Fink’s gorgeous lettering, illustrations, and thought-provoking prompts, from “How can you explain the unexplainable?” to “When do you ...

Country Garden Coloring Book

Tranquil and peaceful, Country Garden Coloring Book is filled with 30 stunning designs to color into life. You’ll even discover and reveal hidden objects and animals within each design. Capture the essence of calm country gardens and let your creativity flow as you relax and unwind!

Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cooking, Revised & Expanded Third Edition

Newly expanded with 20 more cast iron skillet and Dutch oven recipes, this is the ultimate guide to indoor and outdoor cooking! With over 125 campfire recipes, Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cooking serves up tasty dishes everyone will love, from breakfast and breads to dinner entrees and desserts. Also included are 22 camping hacks and tips, plus a basic packing list!

Fearless with Fabric Fresh Quilts from Traditional Blocks

Quilt outside of your comfort zone! This must-have project book is designed to build your confidence as a dedicated or intermediate quilter and will inspire you to transfer your traditional blocks to beautiful modern quilts. Including 14 step-by-step projects that combine fabrics from different lines and genres with clear guidelines to encourage mixing and matching, you’ll no longer fear the ...

Garden DIY

Loaded with complete plans and easy-to-follow construction tips, Garden DIY offers 20 hands-on projects for aspiring horticulturalists. From a hummingbird feeder and bee-friendly flower gardens to compost bins, birdbaths, sundials, and a mason bee lodge, clear step-by-step color photographs guide the reader through each exciting project.

Hello Angel Fun & Fantastic Animals Adult Coloring Collection

Let your imagination bloom as you color page after page of beautifully intricate designs! Coloring artist Angelea Van Dam gets you started with gorgeously colored examples and helpful hints on dazzling coloring techniques like layering, blending, and patterning. Guided Coloring Pages make coloring easy for beginners with ready-to-use color palettes.

Kids' Guide to Learning the Ukulele

The benefits of music are monumental! Ukuleles are the perfect first instrument for kids to learn to play, and this book will show them why and how. Filled with basic instructions for holding positions, tuning, basic chords, and more, children will then learn and practice 24 songs, games, and activities. From songs about counting to songs about yoga, each musical activity provides a rich and ...

Making Wow Jewelry

Make jewelry that will wow! This book will teach you how to make DIY fashion jewelry with a unique look and style.Packed with pretty, attention-grabbing statement jewelry projects that you can make yourself in one sitting, learn tons of jewelry-making techniques with step-by-step instructions, stunning photography, and expert tips from award-winning designer, Gay Isber.

Notebook Doodles Unicorns

Notebook Doodles Unicorns is a magical and fun coloring book for ‘tweens that’s filled with 32 whimsical designs of unicorns, Pegasus heads, rainbows, flowers, and more from talented artist Jess Volinski. With empowering art activities for young girls, Jess also includes instructions on basic coloring techniques, fully colored examples, and motivational quotes to go with every design.

Organic Book of Compost, 2nd Revised Edition

Whether you have experience with compost or want to learn more, this book provides everything you need to know! From understanding what compost is and how to make it to using and storing it, this detailed guide explains this sustainable, low-cost way to produce rich soil in your backyard.

Reflections: Birds and Animals Coloring Book

Walk through nature among beautiful birds and animals! Reflections: Birds and Animals Coloring Book is filled with 32 stunning designs to color into life. From dolphins and deer to butterflies and owls, capture the essence of each animal as you relax and let your creativity flow!