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Beading Basics And Beyond

Beading Basics and Beyond features TOHO's 3-cut beads and Charlotte beads with projects that range from surprisingly simple to exquisitely elegant.

Best Book Of Seashells

Crafting with shells provides the opportunity to create truly unique pieces of art. When combined, shapes ranging from angels to animals emerge to embellish boxes, cards, frames, mirrors, unique pins, ornaments and magnets. The uses are endless.

Bottle Art

Used glass bottles and a few basic materials can easily be transformed into stylish projects like a terrarium, a snow globe, a vase, jewelry, gifts and more!

Classy Crystals: Simple and Stylish

You can create a glittering necklace, bracelet or earrings to suit your every mood without breaking the budget! Beads, wire & crystals and a few tools are all it takes.

Friendship Bracelets 102

The Desire For Trading And Sharing Tokens Such As Friendship Bracelets Has Become More Popular Than Ever. Learn Over Two Dozen Braiding Techniques And How To Use The Popular Braiding Wheel In This Easy Book.

Head to Toe Wearables

Personalize your wardrobe at a fraction of boutique prices with embellishments, appliques, and basic embroidery stitches to create a statement that fits your personality.

Kumi Braiding

Braid beauty into necklaces using a "Kumihimo" foam braiding wheel that makes braiding fast and easy!

Lanyards A-Z

Easy-to-follow instructions for knotted bracelets with embroidery floss. Colorful bracelets are fun for kids and teens.

Mixed Media and Color

Experiment with a variety of media and materials. Whether you are a quilter, painter, rubber stamper, sewer, or paper artist, her latest book will expand the horizons of your craft, allowing you to share the magic of mixed media. Discover the unexpected and find yourself in a colorful fusion of exciting textures, paint and print.

Poms, Stems and Wiggles

Make your gathering more festive with these creative projects.

Strings 'n Things

Using inexpensive supplies, your children can create a variety of beautifully decorated items that will inspire them to explore their own creativity and expand their interest in crafting.

Totally Tangled

Learn to focus, relax your mind and boost your creative confidence! This inspiring book offers over 100 Zentangle designs, with versatile graphics that can be used to decorate any surface. Micron pens make drawing the tangles simple and permanent.

Wearables on the Go

You'll find exciting ways to use the Accu-Quilt GO! fabric cutting system to make timeless clothing, fashionable scarves, essential handbags and eclectic accessories.

Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw

While wood bowls are commonly made on a lathe, this guided resource offers 28 projects for crafting beautiful bowls with the more accessible scroll saw. You will not believe these bowls were made without a lathe!

Zentangle Fabric Arts

Learn to produce unique continuous line designs that are easy to execute with free motion quilting.